• Douglas Legg

Who are you when I'm not looking?

If I could have one word to describe the work I do it would be authenticity. It is chief among my values and permeates every aspect of my life. Authenticity will foster vulnerability, trust, communication, engagement and a whole host of other qualities that our souls crave. It not only affects what we do but why we do it. Living a life that is inauthentic will leave us empty and unfulfilled. As I thought about my own journey with its accompanying goals and desires I realized that If I want to be successful I had to be genuine and my creative work had to express part of who I am as a person. I also realized that I had lost my why and as a result began to question what I was doing. Having an authentic and clearly communicated why will draw people and resources to you like a magnet. Let me give you a few examples from own personal life. I want to start a podcast, travel vlog, and lead international trips that transform the lives of participants. If my why for doing these things is to make money and attract new followers then I will most likely drive away clients and ruin my own travel experience. There are easier ways to make money. If my why is because I enjoy making videos, and am leveraging my strengths to lead trips then now I am more on purpose. Sustainable content and a profitable personal brand are built on one word. Authenticity. If what we are creating isn’t part of who we are as a person then it will be obvious to those around us that our lifestyle doesn’t match our message. One can only truly build a trustworthy brand off his or her passions and interest. Our own personal curiosity is a guiding star that we must point other people too on our own journey. Consider your dreams, do they support the you that you want to become? Are they helping you author the story you want to write? How can you build in more authenticity to your work and relationships?

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