• Douglas Legg

"This Too Shall Pass."

A few years back I wrecked a motorcycle and it was by far the closest that I've ever come to to death. The accident is a story for another time. Today I want to touch on an experience I had a few days after the accident. This is when my relationship to pain and discomfort completely changed. I'm not a masochist but I do think that some level of pain and discomfort is good for you. I am not telling you to go hurt yourself but I do think you can find value in the experience. When I wrecked I was thrown off my motorcycle and across the pavement which left me with road rash all the way up my arm, on my side, on my knee and on my foot. I can remember standing in my shower and with water running down my body burning every inch of skin that had been removed. But I remember standing there and wanting to soak up the pain. I told myself to feel it and engage with it as much as possible. I wanted to remember it as vividly as I could. It was weird but I was did it for two reasons.

1. I wanted to reinforce the lessons I learned. I wanted to make sure I never did anything that stupid again. The wreck was totally my fault by the way.

2. I knew that the pain wouldn't last. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before my body was all healed up and I was looking back on my experience.

I have always been extremely sensitive to how fast time passes and as you get older it seems to speed up. The reason I tell you this story is because we all go through painful experiences. Heck right now I am a struggling entrepreneur who is trying to figure out how to get a business off the ground. I am single and I desperately want to meet and marry the woman of my dreams. These are two very important aspects of my life and both are painful experiences, but I know that one day the discomfort and the loneliness I feel will be nothing but a fleeting memory. I will wish I could go back to the trenches of building my personal brand and business. I will all but foget what it was like to be single and alone. I may not want to go back to that stage but I will wish I was more present in it. I will wish I was engaged and not wishing away part of my life. There is no reason to wish away part of your life because its painful. Revel in the pain and soak it up because sometimes these experiences are the most engaging and stimulating times in our life. Yeah I know it sucks and its hard but it's part of the process and part of what makes you who you are! I know that when I think realize that the negative emotions and pain I am feelings will one day be distant memories I think of the trial I am going through as an opportunity not a burden. I think of it as an experience I can get something from. Maybe it's mental toughness maybe it's a stronger spirit or a lesson that will save you frustration later but its important. Eric thomas likes to say, “you are already in pain you might as well get something for it!” You are already hurting, keep going. Because more often than not your mess becomes your message. There is purpose in your pain and I can guarantee you that “this too shall pass.”


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