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What do you think of when you hear the phrase living my best life? I think of people traveling, exploring, vacationing and going to beaches. Oddly enough as I was writing this blog post I got a snapchat from a friend on the beach with the caption "living my best life." Why is it that our best life isn’t anything like the life we live on a day to day basis. Well I have an idea and this come from a podcast I was listening too recently. When we travel to somewhere we have never been before or are engaging in an activity we don't normal participate in, we are more engaged in the moment. New experiences cut off our thought patterns both forwards and backwards. We have no previous memories to distract us and we have no predictions on the future because it’s an experience we have never had before. In other words we can’t anticipate what’s next.

When I graduated college I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks exploring Europe. Everyday was a mystery unfolding right in front of me. There was absolutely no way to predict what adventures each day would hold because every place was so unique and different from the last. Each city and country we visited had its own culture and way of life. My sister and I wanted to see as much as possible so we planned our trip to where we had 24 hrs or less in most places. It was a whirlwind and exhausting but I have never felt so alive. For 23 days I soaked in every sight, sound, taste and touch possible. I didn’t miss a thing. The 23day we spent traveling are some of my favorite memories. I was really living my best life! but why? was it really the food we ate? was it the views we had or the adventures we went on? Those things may have helped but I really do believe its because I was more engaged than ever before in my life. I wasn't just going through the motions I was living. I think we crave experiences that spark this

Theory to Practice:

Build in unique experiences into your life back at home so you can experience the excitement and the engagement that comes with traveling. This might mean going somewhere around town that you have always wanted to explore or it could mean going somewhere you have already been but with new people. Think about ways you could add it some novelty into your life. Build a life you don’t need to vacation from. Life is too short to only live our best life 2 weeks out of the year. How can you live your best life today and everyday?

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