• Douglas Legg

Leggo your "ego"

We are without a doubt our own worst enemy and if there is one thing that gets us into the most trouble it’s our ego! Our ego causes us to ruin relationships, waste time and prioritize the wrong things. Ultimately it is our ego that causes us to live a life dictated by the opinions of other people. Let me do my best to explain. Our world consists of a lot of stories. When I say story I don’t mean bedtime stories you tell to children. I am talking about ideas that society has collectively agreed to believe. Most of these stories are only valuable because enough people believe them to be valuable. Take gold for example. It men uprooted their life during the gold rush to get their hands on this rare mineral. The United states of America was once on the gold standard where all our money was backed by gold. But what value does it really have? Think about it. Gold is nothing but a colored rock and has no intrinsic value. It only has worth because enough people think it does. It’s a story that our ego supports. If you look at the world with a critical perspective you’ll find that there are a lot of stories that we chase after because our ego is involved. The nice cars, lavish lifestyles and standard for beauty that we all desire is nothing but an expression of our ego. These things don’t and never will matter when it comes to our true happiness and wellbeing. Our ego is constantly playing a social comparison game and it’s worse now than ever before. The problem is this game keeps us from investing time on stories that really do matter. It distracts us and keeps us from enjoying the only life we have. The answer is not to kill our ego, that would be dangerous and would come with it’s own set of consequences. We must find a balance and keep life in perspective by contemplating the true value of the stories that we invest our time into.


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