• Douglas Legg

Changing this will change your life.

It doesn’t matter what area of your life it is you want to change. It doesn’t matter what outcome you want to get or whats results you want to create. If you to experience growth any one of these five areas it will help you. Remember “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”


You have to change what you believe about yourself. Mark twain said, “ It’s not what I know that kills me it’s what I know for sure that just ain’t so. We think we know a lot about ourselves. We regard our own perspective of reality as factual when in reality our perception overwhelmingly incomplete. We have to understand that we fall prey to own psychological biases and prejudices that allow us to create a world that supports the identity we have and belief system we hold. But just because it seems true doesn’t mean that it is. “We see the world not as it is but as we are conditioned to see it. We have to question everything. I can’t say for certain what is or isn’t true about you but what I will advise is that you take a deep hard look at your insecurities and limiting beliefs and ask when you define yourself. What if the things you believed about yourself weren't true? How do you know they are true? What would it mean if they weren’t? How would that change things for you?


Ok Duh…. If you do what you have always done you will get what you’ve always gotten. You have to change the inputs to get different outputs. It’s not rocket science, but sit down and think about what you want and sort though what's working and what isn’t working. Too often we get caught doing the same thing day after day hoping our life will change…..that's the definition of insanity.


We don’t change because we don’t have a big enough reason. Our why isn’t strong enough to get us past the friction that changing creates. We have to have a strong why to help us overcome the growing pains that inevitably come when we stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. Most humans find their two biggest motivators in the avoidance of pain and the gaining of pleasure. How can you link your behaviors to these two motivators? EX. Wanting to lose weight? DOn’t think about how much you hate going to the gym. Focus on how it feels when you finish your workout and imagine what it would be like to be 30 pounds lighter. Get in touch with that emotion. I know that I also find a lot of incentive in avoiding the shameful feeling I get when I undermine myself. How can you create a bigger why or tap into a deeper level of want or need?

Environment. “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” Our community is hands down the most important part to our environment. You assume that which you associate with. Are you hanging around people who support your change or leveraging your social circle to hold you accountable? Consider ways you could improvement your environment. Remember James Clear’s wisdom, Join a community where the desired behavior is the normal behavior.”

Measuring stick. If you only feel successful when the goal is accomplished then you have a bad system. We need to build momentum and confidence by cultivating small wins. We need to create system where success breeds more success. You can’t build on failure. You can use failure to improve but you can’t build on it. Make it about the journey and find ways to measure your success on a micro level! Create a system that allows you to make progress daily so you can start feeling like the change you are making is resulting in growth.

Change these and you will successfully change your life! I promise :)

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