• Douglas Legg

Are you living true to who you really are?

A few days back I posted a quote about being fully known and truly loved.

It's what we need most but unfortunately a lot of us don’t give ourselves that opportunity. We have trouble expressing our true and authentic selves. Authenticity demands vulnerability and honesty and that can be really scary. Maybe we have a few people in our life that really know who we are but to everyone else we are exactly what we want them to see.

How many times have you been more concerned with making a good first impression that a real first impression? I think it's important to note here that authenticity is what we want present in all of our relationships. We want it from our romantic partners, from our business ventures. We want it from just about everyone but yet we ourselves don’t live authentically. Why? Well we have adopted to be a certain way so that we won’t fail or so that people will like us or so that we will be accepted. Our fear of failure and of what other might think if we were to be ourselves causes us to live life in a box. For a lot of us this box actually become what we believe is true about us but I want to challenge that! I want you to rethink your identity. I want to challenge you to think about and what goals you would pursue if you knew you couldn’t fail? Who you would be if you you had all the support in the world. Just try to imagine for a second what you would create or bring to the world if you weren’t concerned with what people might say about you. Imagine being completely vulnerable and living true to who you really are. How would your life change and in what ways would you express yourself? Most of the time We let what if, stop us from what could be. We let the potential to be embarrassed stop us from experience extraordinary. The first challenge is to really know thyself and then you have to be thyself. As you wrestle with this question and think about what it may look like to live more authentically realize that those who care don’t matter and those who matter don't care. Ultimately we have to be vulnerable with who we are so the world can love us for it!


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