Are There Any Known Anavar Side Effects?

If you are interested in taking something to help you boost your performance, you may start to look at your options in different anabolic androgenic steroids. However, there is always going to be the chance that there are going to be some adverse side effects that can come along with them. For example, if Anavar is something that you are interested in taking, it is going to be best that you learn all that you possibly can about the potential Anavar side effects that you could be faced with that can come along with regular use.

Initial reports have been showing that Anavar is actually on the low side when it comes to the potential side effects. Overall, both men and women are showing that they can tolerate it fairly well. It is going to be a matter of trying it out for some people to see if they are impacted by any side effects. With that being said, you may have different side effects that someone else that you know who is taking the same dosage and so on.

For those people who take anabolic steroids, the side effects that do exist will usually be from the aromatizing nature of the hormone itself. Once they are present in the body, a lot of anabolic steroids will convert into estrogen Once this happens, the estrogen levels in the body will increase and then some of the related side effects can take place.

Of the negative Anavar side effects that have been noted, cholesterol and blood pressure issues seem to be the most common. However, they are usually dependent on a number of other factors in the life of the person who is taking it. It is always best for men to remember that taking a steroid such as Anavar will cause the body to stop producing natural testosterone. With that being said, Anavar is still said to be on the low end and more suppression friendly when it comes to natural testosterone production.

As with any type of steroid, you always have to be very careful and start off with a lower dose until you find out how your body is going to react to it. Once you find a good level that seems to work with your body without giving you too many side effects, it is best to stay at the level that keeps you performing instead of overdoing it.


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